How to Fix Google Play Store Error 921 on Android: As we know that Android is one of the best operating system now days. Everyone is using it because of its features and accessibility but nothing is perfect in this world therefore it also have some problem. In previous days we are getting a common problem from our users that are related to the Google Play. Google Play is the official Android App Store from where you can download or purchase App, Games, Books, and Movies etc. But most of users are getting error 921 while downloading Apps and Updating Apps. If you are also one of that and searching for “How to Fix Google Play Store Error 921 on Android” then you are at the right place. Today we are going to discuss on the same topic. Read below about How To Fix Google Play Store Error 921 on Android.

How to Fix Google Play Store Error 921 on Android

How To Fix Google Play Store Error 921 on Android – Solution

There are two ways to get rid of the Error. First is clearing Cache and another one is Add another Account. Both methods is so simple and effective. Approximately 80-90% of users solved this problem with these solutions.

Clearing Cache

  • Go to Menu>> Settings>> Application
  • Select Manage Application
  • Then click on Google Play Services
  • In next step you have to “Clear Data” as well as “Clear Cache”
  • You are done now but when you go to Google Play you will be asked to login again.

Add Another Account

This Error can be solved by adding another Gmail Account. In that case you will need an alternative Gmail Account if you have another one you can use that otherwise you can create a new Gmail account. If you have another Gmail account you add that account to Google Play Store then use the new Gmail account to download Apps. When you downloaded one or two Apps then you can again toggle to your previous account or you can continue with new one also. After this you surely can rid of Error 921.