How To Increase the WiFi Range : Normally a wireless router has range of about 100 feet or more.But range and strength of WiFi router is effected by many factors.They lower its range and also the strength.These factors may be interference caused by metals,other signals and other frequency using devices such as microwave ovens,Cell phones,TV etc.If you are not getting the expected range from your router there are many ways to increase the WiFi range.You can also boost WiFi strength.Here are few tips to how increase the WiFi range of  router.Try them and enjoy your boosted WiFi.

how to increase wifi range

1.Minimize Interference

Some devices that work on 2.4 GHz frequency range cause interference to the signal of WiFi router.You can buy a wireless network analyzer to track the interference source.Some devices that may cause interference are:

  • Microwave Ovens
  • Cordless Phones
  • Automatic Door Openers
  • Television Remote Controls
  • Security Alarms

Check if these devices effects the router signal strength by switching them on or off.It will determine which device is interfering with router’s signal.Keep that device away from the router to increase WiFi range of can Also buy a Dual Band router.Which will overcome the fear of interference at most.By placing your WiFi router at right position enhances its strength.This also extend the WiFi range.Thus increasing its performance and speed.Place Your router such that there is minimum interference of other frequency using devices.

2.Replace router with New Wireless N or AC Router

Using an up to date hardware can help to increase range of router as well as performance of the router.The popular standards thus far (oldest to newest) are : 802.11b, 802.11g ,802.11n  and 802.11ac.
If you are using older b or g router than replace this with a newer wireless n or ac router.These routers offer longer ranges and faster speed.these router will help you to increase range of WiFi router at much faster speeds.

how to increase wifi range

3.How to Increase WiFi range by Changing signal channel

Routers can broadcast on series of channels,between 1 and 11.Changing channel will allow your router clear signal between other wireless networks.

4.Change your router’s network broadcast mode

Try to use the latest new 802.11n standard if your router supports it.The 802.11n standard offers much greater range and signal strenth compared to 802.11a/b/g.This will help you to increase Range of WiFi router along with speed.

5.Raise transmit power

Check your router’s documentation and configuration utility for the ability to change transmit power of your router,the amount of power used in transmitting signal.You can boost it to 50 mW. But in this there is risk of overheating or damaging the router.

6.Install repeater and wireless amplifier

A Repeater is hardware that acts like a wireless network extender.The repeater takes the signal from router and and boost it to increase the range of WiFi router.Wireless repeaters are common and affordable and will be available at local computer store or on internet.

how to increase wifi range

Whereas Wireless Amplifier also known as booster.A booster is more affordable than a repeater as they increase strength of existing signal they not increase the range of WiFi router. A  Bi-Directional amplifier increases both your inward and outgoing speeds.

7.Buy or Build a high gain antenna

In most of the wireless routers the antennas are omnidirectional. They send the signals equally in all directions.Replacing those with High-Gain antennas.These High Gain antennas concentrate the signals in specific direction.So this can help you to increase your WiFi router range.

8.Turn Electrical Outlets into Wireless Access Points

By adding additional Wireless Access Points(APs) to the network you can increase the range of WiFi router to double or even triple times.You can buy access points and run ethernet cables from your router to each additional AP.If you don’t have ethernet ports you can utilize your existing cable or electrical outlets.See how to increase WiFi range by this method.

To use your cable outlets look for products certified by MoCA(Multimedia over Coax Alliance) or for electrical outlets,consider Powerline products certified by Homeplug.
Both works in similar fashion.You can plug adapter into an electrical/cable outlet and connect it to the can also buy a router with built in adapter.You can add additional adapters.This will increase range of  the WiFi router.

 How to Increase WiFi Range by DIY tricks

If your router still not reach far enough,you can increase the range of WiFi router by using DIY tricks.In this technique You can use the Reflector lulu with Tin Foil.You can also use and Old Beer Can to increase the range of WiFi router.You can increase the range to a bit more distance.Here you can find how to increase WiFi range by using Tinfoil.

9.Make a Reflector lulu with Tinfoil

Tinfoil can not only boost the signal but also make it more uni directional.

  • cut a tin foil circle on a piece of paper or cardboard
  • It must be large enough to wrap around the router
  • You can also make a parabola instead of circle and put the hole for antenna at the focal point
  • Place the circle/parabola over the router
  • Place the antenna in the center of circle/parabola

increase wifi range

Your Reflector lulu is ready to increase the range of WiFi router and also the strength of signal.

10.How to Increase WiFi Range Using Beer or Soda can

The Beer can is in a shape that when cut out can improve signal strength and WiFi range.It is really interesting how to increase WiFi range with a Beer or Soda Can.
Steps to use a Beer can to increase the range of WiFi router:

  • Clean out the Can:Rinse the Beer Can with soap and warm water and dry it.
  • Pull of the Tab:Bend the tab back and forth till it break out.
  • Cut off the bottom of Can:Do it carefully with a knife.
  • Create Base: The base of your extender will be the top of the Beer Can.
  • Turn the can upside down and make a horizontal cut with knife.
  • Cut the side of the Can:Use scissor to cut a straight line from the bottom to the top of Can.Then open the can to make a satellite dish like shape.Dry the Can if it is still wet.
  • Attach the can to the Router:Place the can over the antenna of your router through a hole in the base.Use tape or other easily removable adhesive to secure the can to your router.Adjust the can to maximize the signal.

The above tips and tricks will surely help you to Know How to  increase WiFi range of your router.Try and enjoy much Stronger, faster and extended WiFi signal.