Shortcut Keys for Windows 8:- Windows 8 is one of the latest and best offering from Microsoft. It is an operating system for both PC’s as well as tablet users. Though windows 7 is one of the highest rated operating system but windows 8 is nevertheless. It is also receiving a grand response as it has got a cool interface along with a catchy screen which makes the user fall in love with this operating we all know that tablet users have got the liberty of touchscreens and they can take advantage of many navigational rewrites e.g. Metro UI with tiles and swipes etc., but Microsoft has also done justice to ensure that users using keyboard do not feel left out. Hence to serve the same, Microsoft has integrated many shortcut keys to navigate through the operating system easily.

Shortcuts are of great use as you don’t have to replace your hand every time to serve a new purpose. Almost everything can be done using the keyboard which in turn maintains the flow.


So in this article I’m going to provide you with all the most important shortcut keys for windows 8. They’ll really help you a lot and will make your task easier and faster.

Shortcut Keys for Windows 8:-



Windows key + C Open charms menu
Windows key + D Show desktop
Windows key + space bar Switch input language
Windows key + P Secondary display modes
Windows key + E Open my computer
Windows key + L Lock the PC
Windows key + R Open run window
Windows key + Q Search for installed apps
Windows key + T Cycle through icons on task-bar
Windows key + X Show advanced windows settings menu
Windows key + M Minimize all windows
Windows key + W Search settings
Windows key + print screen Takes a screen’s print and saves it to your picture’s folder
Windows key + up arrow Maximize current window
Windows key + left arrow Maximize current window to left side
Windows key + right arrow Maximize current window to right side
Windows key + . Snaps apps to right ( screen multitasking)
Windows key + shift + . Snaps apps to left ( screen multitasking)
Windows key + f1 Open windows help and support
Ctrl + C Copy file
Ctrl + X Cut file
Ctrl + V Paste file
Ctrl + Z Undo
Alt + f4 Quit modern UI apps
Shift + Del Delete folder permanently
Windows key +tab Cycle through open UI apps
Windows key + shift + tab Cycle through open UI apps in reverse order
Windows key + - Zoom out with magnifier
Windows key + + Zoom in with magnifier
Windows key + Esc Exit magnifier

So these were all the basic shortcuts for windows 8. Shortcut keys are very handy and can increase your work speed if used properly. If you have any other shortcut keys for windows 8 then please do tell us in the comments below.

If you have any doubts regarding the article then please feel free to share your views via comments.

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